Suffice to say it’s been a long week. Nothing too bad, just work managed to come up with a problem I actually couldn’t solve, which might be a first. I suppose that technically I still solved, but it was more like building a bridge over the whole thing, and calling the canyon through the middle of the functionality a feature. I dunno, I’ll look at it more later, but for the time being it’s… uh, fixed. In general I am pretty overqualified as a software engineer for what I do, but the problem with business software is that half of the code is property for different companies, so you can never just debug code, it’s like wiring together half a dozen black boxes just sort of guessing what they are doing. It’s sort of like coding with a blindfold.

Typically I count on work not taking up that much time to support all my various hobbies, but sometimes it strikes with vengeance.


So, we need to talk about armor, tanks, and walking mech things. Frankly they are beyond what I can really draw, so we are just going to have to sometimes use a little bit of imagination to fill in the blanks, I’ll do my best, but…

Many comics that feature them heavily use 3-d models for reference and consistence, which is a good idea, but the problem is I don’t use any one particular model enough for that to really be worth it, since everyone’s looks slightly different. We’ll make due somehow. Maybe I will get good at drawing them if they show up too much.

At one point I was going to cut them from the story because I couldn’t draw them, but, well, I never was very good at cutting things, the world refuses to cooperate so there they still were in it.

While we are being frank… this page is definitely a little, ah… rushed. I really should have done half a page, but I couldn’t decide how to cut it, so I didn’t. Hey, don’t look at me like that. I never claimed to know what I was doing. Will fix spelling and grammar as I go, but don’t want to delay page too much more so posting now 🙂

I will probably skip a page next week. I really should have just skipped this one (as I know some of those smarter than me will tell me) but I didn’t wanna, so, there’s that brilliant and logical stance… 😉 I just don’t like skipping without saying I will, which is why I’m saying now I probably will skip on next week 😉 – really need to get a buffer again so all this silliness is avoided.