…okay, so yes, this is a bit late. In every sense of the word. I should have gone to bed more hours ago than I can currently count.

Anyway, least we have a comic πŸ˜€

The digital world is a bit… eh; I had an idea of how I wanted to look, but could not really get that to work, so just fiddled with a few things until I decided good enough. It’s intentionally different then what we have seen before, but with some similarities, and I think that much is still intact in this version even if much of the original idea isn’t really. It’s background that can mostly not be seen, so I probably worried about it too much given that it’s most essentially a… imaginary world? anyway.

When VI Mium notes he was based of off Miko, he isn’t necessarily lying, but that is also not the entire truth – he was adapted from something original made to interface with Miko’s system adapted to interface with Ila’s system. Of course, if that actually has anything to do with him being “a brat”, well, that seems sort of unlikely, given Mium default, though VI Mium does act someone differently.

Anyway, I have to wake up for work in… hmm… about 5 hours so…. going to hit post now and stop rambling.