It’s interesting – I’ve worn a tie before plenty of times in my life and I suffered no particular illusions that I was drawing them at anything that closely resembled what ties actually look like; that said, having actually worn one recently, I think I have developed a better appreciation of how little my drawn version of ties, button up shirts, and jackets actually look anything like theirย worldly counterparts. I hadn’t really considered that my comic was giving away the fact that I wear a t-shirt 99% of the time. There will be some minor changes I guess ๐Ÿ™‚

Someday I’ll wear a scarf and realize they don’t behave like Mium’s… (I already know that one too, actually, but I wasn’t going to admit to having worn a scarf here – wasn’t recently anyway, so I’ve had plenty of time to forget).

A quick heads up that I’m aware that I’m a little behind on bonus art for Patreon, vote incentives, and that I owe a blog post (on making ads) from this week. Hopefully I’ll catch up this stuff this weekend or so. This week sort of hit the shitter as far as time went between various expected and unexpected appointments. Expect at least some new Patreon art and a new vote incentive bonus this weekend, blog post may be pushed back till next week.

On that note, one of them was the last real appointment with the surgeon, and I’m more or less home free (still have physical therapy stuff) but the surgeon is pretty sure I’ll have full range of motion back in another three months, which was good news; full usage is a little further off and I don’t expect I’ll be playing tennis right handed anytime soon, but it’s still positive news I guess.