Vium’s usage of the first person pronouns in panel three is… challenging.

Vium is definitely more talkative than F8 (the Mium we’ve seen the most often). Or at least the most likely to say things unprompted – all Miums are somewhat long winded if you ask them a question.

Ila’s view that Arkady would be able to decode the scarf-condrum is not entirely unfounded – he is the one that helped her with shopping before, and he’s certainly the one of Naomi’s friends from that trip shows knows the best. She might have grasped some of the finer points, but she’s also not entirely wrong, though she might not be right for the reason she thinks she is.

I did consider spending more time on Arkady’s thoughts here – I think we’ve sort of seen that he’s struggling a bit with how he fits into things right now. He feels like as somewhat powerful mage and important member of the Families, he should be doing things, but no one really involves him things, and the one time he got involved in things, it went pretty bad and he almost died and had to be bailed out by Ila. We’ve also seen that he doesn’t really like big Family meetings and the inherent conflict of them.

I did also consider showing a few more of the fights with the Rogue families, but each fight we see takes like… a minimum of two to four weeks. Not saying we won’t see more, but I did want to stick to ones that were sort of more important. That said, we will eventually see what Tyler is up to again; we did miss Tyler fighting a minor family mage, but we’ll catch up on what’s happening at some point – I just felt I couldn’t really justify spending two weeks on a somewhat one sided fight where we wouldn’t have learned anything about the magic system or situation besides that Tyler is a match for a non-Family head mage… something that’s probably not really a surprise to the point I don’t view that as a spoiler to write here…