Well, well, well, what have we here. We have seen President Kokato before, he’s the President of Arpon for those that don’t remember the details of the last time, since it’s been awhile since he was the guest of Mium, who’s ice cream he wouldn’t let Ila eat, because that would have been poor manners.

In a way, he’s the Consul’s counterpart, though their positions are not necessarily equivalent, President Kokato has leveraged considerably more influence than previous presidents of Arpon, though some claim this is because of the support of the IDS and Pact pulling the strings.

In reference to the numbers, it should probably be noted that Malsa is a fair bit larger in size and population than Arpon, though not massively so, but as noted here and elsewhere, Arpon’s military considerably outnumbers Malsa, who historically can generally barely be arsed to keep what would qualify as an army, outside of the Family mages.

So, this is back to a full page, but we are still on shaky ground with buffers. I dunno. We’ll see. There is one more page of interlude before the next Chapter starts (I think, it might get split into two…).