Rovak actually suspected back during his briefly confrontation with Mium that something was wrong.It made him think, and he didn’t like it. Guess he’s in a more pondering mood now. Or at least bored.

For those that don’t recognize the woman in the last panel, we’ve seen her before as part of Rovak’s squad, though it she has had poor luck the last few times she’s been deployed with him, as she seems to run into Mium a lot.

I don’t know if Thursday will be a half page or not. Realistically it’s… uh… well, I’m not really good at a half a page. If the last two pages were a page they’d have been ~18 panels… Back in the day my target was 6, so… we’ll see.

I have the idea of making a wiki on the radar. No updates yet though, I need to take a look at where I want to put it; it’s a little tricky these days as we have a lot more problem with hackers around here these days as ya’ll might remember, so it’s not quite as simple to just spin up a new server and slap some wiki-software on it, though it shouldn’t be that hard. I am currently operating under the assumption that it won’t be any harder to moderate than the comments, so I’m mostly just worried about it making sure that the site is generally malware proof (well, malware resistant, nothing is malware proof) and safe once its stood up. Moderating the comments hasn’t been too bad recently.