This is, admittedly a pretty weird page for me. I don’t really know where this idea came from really, and its not something I would expect to see a lot of. All these fragments are something at one or another I had planned to be a page or two (or… uh… more… as tends to happen), but ultimately knew that I couldn’t have all of them, so I decided I guess to have none of them and all of them at the same time. They are really not intended to convey anything beyond what they are – little fragments and glimpses into the world as it moves a little bit forward. Some of them we might see more of later, most of them we probably won’t.

I suspect the ones that people will be most annoyed I skipped is Peter and Kally’s, so let me assure you that there was never a plan to show the dialog from the scene, at least, not right now 😉

It should probably go without saying that this page… uh… took a bit longer to draw than I budgeted. I sort of expected this to be a quick page, given the whole no real talky thing, but that many different characters proved to sort of be a logistical problem I didn’t expect; parts of the art may be a little sketchy, but I reckon I’m usually the one that cares the most about that really.

The thing that Kally is looking at in panel 9, by the way, is a green hair tie. I clarify that because I get that it’s probably hard to tell, and I guess it sort of matters, though not too much.

Originally this page ended “…to be continued” but I thought people would view that as too ominous that I was going to take a break or something. Chapter 13 should start on Thursday though, will be an interesting one I think.

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Run free and wiki, my good fellows!