Yeah… I… yup. That’s a bit of an odd scene.

I will note that I have given some information on Mium’s 3rd and 4th principles (restrictions) previously though we haven’t seen them in full, so I will summarize them here:

  • His 3rd prevents him from running more then oneΒ non-synced instances. This is very important as otherwise it would become incredibly hard to keep him from setting up circumstances where he splits indefinitely to get around any other restriction. Ie: He can run at 6 locations, but they all have to be able to communicate with each other and be a single point of decision.
  • The only thing we know about his 4th princple is that he claimed it would prevent him from taking over Ila. If it’s due to required process powering or other rules was never specified.

We know that one of his restrictions is total process power, but that it can be lifted incrementally. We’ve seen Miko do it, and presumably Peter could as well.

I like to think I’ve broken new ground on making the talking-head genre as non-animated as possible by having a conversation between an expressionless prototype and a literal floating symbol. πŸ˜›

And yes, someone in Tyler’s group is using magic to make giant umbrella. Yes, that is a totally irreverent use of magic. Yes, that is also totally a good idea.

I think Tyler’s & the IDS arc, loosely titled “Tyler gets fed up with this shit” is reaching Chapter 3Β πŸ˜›

Will hopefully update Friday as well, but then back to 2 updates a week likely. Working on something else for the comic hopefully, we’ll see (nothing too exciting – mostly helpful to new people…). Also will be drawing more random art for practice. Like the vote incentive, or guest art for other comics, etc.