I mentioned previously (sorta) that Kally’s new jurisdiction was a double edged sword – while it puts her out of reach of IDS interference, the Military’s inter-dimensional jurisdiction is a lot more complicated. They probably sort of hoped no one outside the IDS would know the difference, unfortunatelyย I’m fairly confident Peter’s knowledge of things is directly proportional to how inconvenient it is for other people for him to know that thing; much like Kally’s ability to appear at the top of a flight of stairs is directly proportional to how little the person she’s appearing in front of wants to see her ๐Ÿ˜‰

Of course… Arron’s plans may not be all that simple themselves, whoย knows what the ol’ man is up to.

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The art is pretty sketchy here to be honest (for the comic I mean). I’m still muddling along with some problems with a defective drawing wrist. Hopefully I’ll have more to say on that sooner or later, but still a week off next doctor visit. Unfortunately it’s sort of the situation where some days are better than others, but without a buffer I’m not quite able to draw enough at the moment to get comics done before their due. All that aside… well, if you’ve made here through the archive, I’m sure you’ve suffered through worse. It’ll (hopefully) get better again.

I’m not sure if “you too” or “you to” is correct. I imagine someone’s going to tell me that ‘neither, it should be “you also”‘, but hey, blame Peter. He said it, not me!

We’ve had quite a few new readers around it seems, so to all those that are just getting used to these endless spiels under pages (cause I really hope people aren’t reading these as they flip through the archive…), welcome! ๐Ÿ˜‰