For Kally, “because Peter” is a perfectly reasonable explanation for many things. I’m also pretty confident she’s aware that ‘one helpful clue’ is a loophole that Peter can drive medium sized airplane through, but I’d cut her some slack, she does know the guy fairly well after all… if she sets a condition that he could actually stand to lose something, he would definitely cheat 😉

That middle panel. Panel 3. That’s why my artist hates my writer. It may not look like much, but god damn. Pretty sure it took as long as the rest of the page to try to figure out how to size characters in some crude approximation of perspective. Seven characters in one freaking panel. But he insisted. 😐

Nothing really to update else-wise. Will see doctor tomorrow on wrist.

I wrote a new blog post about Project Wonderful bidding for those that may be interested in such things like webcomic advertising, you can read it here (or by, you know, scrolling down if you’re on the homepage). I will probably start updating the blog more (both on rambling and advertising) but I’ve said that before and my track record is spotty, so don’t take my word for it! 😀