Happy new years! Welcome to 2021.

The shield summoned by family mage seems quite sturdy indeed; there’s various factors to it, including what it is (or is a replica of) and how close it was summoned to the mage. The kidnapper goon is perhaps more than meets the eye… or perhaps bluffing after all.

The family mage calls her an Arduni hound; Arduni is the Family name of Ashvalt and Arkday. This may or may not means she’s recognized Naomi, though probably not. As Naomi is a non-Families friend of Arkady, a wanker like the Family mage may call her a dog of the Arduni, but she may also just be making that assumption because she showed up to try to save the kid, who is presumably also an Arduni Family member.

This one is up late even by my standards, but it turns out I’ve been fairly busy; as some of you know I have another hobby, which is making stuff for D&D and some of that stuff will be moving toward a Kickstarter… tomorrow. Eeeck. If, by some happenstance, you are in both a reader of this and in the market of for D&D 5e homebrew content, feel free to check that out. That’ll go live on the 5th, and probably somewhat determine how I spend the first part of 2021, though I don’t anticipate it changing the comic schedule one or the other either way.

Once that’s up and running and in the hands of fate I things will continue to march on here.