This is up a little late, oops. Took a bit longer to draw than I thought. I think both because panel creeps upward in these sorts of pages, and I have to do more… storyboarding the usual. My outline isn’t much help for fight scenes. In this case, it read something like “[Violence Ensues]” which, while accurate, means that the Outline->Drawing steps takes some translations; as I have to consider how the fight would actually work; I usually have some idea, but they tend to be more ad-hoc in their details as I consider what the character’s powers are.

The booster Naomi fights here is actually fairly strong, as he’s a family mage, he just has the disadvantage that Naomi has skipped straight to swinging at “time to start breaking things” level; typically Naomi holds back a fair bit, even when she probably shouldn’t, as she doesn’t want to snap bits off people. We’ve seen that be a problem when she starts to let loose, she typically always is holding back a little when fighting humans. That this guy could take a few hits of that puts him up with some of the warmages we’ve seen in durability.

The green haired woman calls Naomi a mutt – she’s assuming the purple eyes + black hair makes her a mismatched family mage (like Marc). Even she does know who Naomi is (which she may or may not from the amount of context so far), she’d be more likely to assume Naomi dyed her hair purple to pretend to having matching colors than she’d dye her hair black, as that’d make no sense to her.

If you missed the Santa Hat Day image, you can see here!