As a general rule of thumb, magic doesn’t work on creatures that have an eidos key, but as we also know, that’s just a rule of thumb, not a rule. We’ve seen almost this exact thing happen before way back here. There’s been various other iterations of it (like Tyler’s magic) but the one back there is closer to this in functionality (though not the spell Kally is using here, which is a fair bit more complicated one we’ve seen her use a few times). I’ve mentioned before that Kally’s greatest property as a mage is how strongly into Eidos she writes data (perhaps tied with the complexity of single equations she can write), though she a very large capacity handling mana (and manage storage, though that tends not be a relevant stat as mages almost always use ambient mana, or at least pull it in as fast as they use it, which is why exhaustion from calculation is usually a more relevant factor of fatigue than running out of mana). Kally tends to be somewhat weaker on running a bunch of calculations at once (relative to her other abilities), and her calculation speed is only fairly good outside of one notable expectation to that regard which she has specialized in to a degree that’s closer to what innate mages can do than most natural mages.

In this case what Kally is primarily controlling is the gun, but her magic is beginning to pick up the whole person – precession isn’t necessarily one of her strengths. The magic isn’t necessarily safe to use due to that – sometimes things get accidentally broken. It’s not too different than how Tyler’s power bleeds into things he’s not targeting when he starts to ramp it up, though he has considerably less targeting control. Tyler can actually use a magic quite similar to the one Kally is using, which he’s used in conjunction with his innate power several times.

It is intentionally that Kally doesn’t have her hair tie on anymore; the first panel was originally her removing it, but drawing that was harder than expected. Why that is, well, that’s a story for another comic panel, and partially gives lie to something she says here, though I suspect she’s convincing herself as much as anyone.


For those that didn’t see the comment the last time, in the other land where I where a different hat of working on 3rd Party D&D stuff, I launched a Kickstarter. It’s doing well. If you ever want PastUtopia works on when not trying the comics here, well, that’s one of the things. I mostly share this as this little box under the comic is half commentary and half general life blogging, but I do know there’s some small overlap between the audiences πŸ™‚