Well, I know we are a bit behind the ball here in January, which isn’t per se how I wanted to start the year, but at least we aren’t missing any comics yet. Hopefully now that I’m back from travel and what not, things will pick up a bit, buffers will be repaired, etc. Got some stuff from Patreon wants the ducks are a bit more in the row, but not sure firm ETA for getting things finished.

Kally has been showing some frustration at being at Levenworth today. We usually see only really see the grumpy side of Kally, but the Red Dragon Witch isn’t buried all that deep in there.

As for Peter, well… it seems rain tends to make him act uncharacteristically melancholy sometimes… or maybe rain just happens to coincide with thing that he isn’t all that happy about.

Wonder what’s got Tyler’s computer all worked up? Seems like a lot notifications…