It should probably go without saying that it is not literally as switch that reboots Mium. It just activates a lower level protocol that causes Mium to discard his current priority stack and rebuild it, so to speak. While Mium can be authorized to do all sorts of stuff by Peter via voice print, those assume that he is fully functioning, as the voice alone would be fairly easy to recreate – normally it relies on Mium being full aware to analyze the situation to determine the likelihood of a fraudulent command. The ‘reboot’ only really works if it is near a passive Mium system (though that almost certainly includes any terminal Peter would carry), it just passes a command through a channel reserved for very low level commands, and matches the code to a paired system if it detects that it is in state the code applies to.

MYM’s speech bubbles are drawn annoyingly hard to read as he’s speaking from all the computers in the room. Peter would call it a flair for melodramatic behavior on start up, but it’s more that MYM just hasn’t really initialized his human interface personality yet, which tends to make him act more… normal? Not sure normal is the right word.

I will edit a link here[see, edited!] to the next chapter of Tyler’s story when it’s up for patreon folks… that’ll be this month still, just barely though. Bit of slow progress, but been a bit frayed at the edges on getting things done. Should be more stuff next month as I don’t see any travel plans on the horizon. I did type up the next chapter while travelling, but have not quite got to the editing and refining process. I don’t exactly go overboard on that, but I chop and fuss a bit as any one writing something does, especially as it’ll have a new PoV character for a bit.