Sorry about the tardy schedule. I had planned to publish this comic from the Patreon version of the comic, as I don’t travel with my drawing computer, but it turned out that I did not schedule the Patreon post, so things did not work out, and it took me awhile to get the image to post; in general, running a bit behind on everything. I am not a big fan of work travel, and am remarkably bad at sleeping on airplanes and/or hotel rooms sometimes, which combined with time zone madness and the like don’t really agree with me.

Anyway… hopefully travel will be kept to a minimum, because I think the next few chapters will be pretty exciting, so I have more important things to do than day jobs 😉

I don’t think it’s really been mentioned, but while Camilla and Arkady are both members of the Families, Camilla is the Family Head of her Family. While on paper being the head of a Family line does not really come with power, in practice it tends to mean that no one but the Consul or another Family head is going to poke their nose into your business… and usually not even then. While Camilla frequently acts as the Consul’s ‘bodyguard’ or ‘protector’, she also makes up a significant portion of the Consul’s authority – if the Consul has a head of the Families with her, it gives her the implicit backing of the Families when she speaks.