To be fair, cutting away randomly in the middle of scenes to a different scene is entirely precedented (spellcheck assures me that’s not a word, but if unprecedented can be, I’m sticking with it!) in this comic… 😀 ; rest assured we’ll see more of that tennis game, but I meant to cut to Miko/Mium before it started, so we were overdue and 1:1 was a good place! 😉


The most widely-traveled-webcomic-explorers may recognize a few posters of characters volunteered to appear here by other talented webcomic creators around the web!

Kamiko (Full Size) comes from This Mortal Coil (link)

Any (Full Size) comes from M9 Girls (link)

Ariane (Full Size) comes from Steampunk Gorgon (occasionally NSFW link).

Thank you to those that volunteered, and I will probably do this in the future for background posters (we’ve seen that I have sort of an unfortunate obsession for them) so in the future I’m going to try to do this (use characters from other webcomics who’d like to volunteer) where I can (rather then just scribble things like I did historically 😛 ).

Since I only had time for three this time, the rest are random bonus art from my Patreon.

If you have a comic you’d like to volunteer, feel free to shoot me a message and I’ll add it to the list; the comics are drawn based on genre needed for the posters (to at least some extent). I will a) read the comic, b) draw a fan art of the volunteered character when it’s poster is coming up, c) at some point use it as a poster in the background of the comic, d) good visibility of it is not guaranteed, but e) I will put the full size picture and link in the commentary if I do use it.


By the time most of you read this, I’ll be off at my new job. I hope I’m having fun. Good luck future me. Well, besides those of that managed to read these Sunday night. You guys get extra credit!

In anticipate suits and ties will get more accurately drawn from here on out. I’m pretty sure I got better at drawing them each time I’ve had to wear one so far… and now we are going for a daily routine. Maybe I should try wearing a scarf someday. It would probably result in severe changes to Mium’s character design… 😐

On that note, we’ll be playing updates by ear, but what I’ll do is let you know on Monday how many times I intend to update the coming week (there should always at very least be a monday update); this week I’ve already done the art for this week, so it’ll be a full MWF. Hopefully this continues, but I really don’t want to miss one without warning you guys (if this all sounds excessively paranoid… 😛 )

Ah… and yes, I think this the first time we’ve seen Miko properly. Not entirely sure though. And the last time we ever see the inside of Miko’s apartment (unfortunately that part is just wishful thinking). God damn was that a pain in the arse to draw. Miko has many quirks, and seems to have a little pot-calling-kettle-black problems with this whole weird thing… 😉