Well, Miko made it through a whole page without calling something weird. Weird.

It’s a tricky page because at the end of the day we know very little about Miko and, for that matter, Mium so far. It boggles my mind how we can be 200 pages in already sometimes! But fortunately now we know a little bit more about them!

We saw a long time ago when Miko used the override function to give Mium the server; modifying an override function is normally (for obvious reasons) out of reach of an SMAI (self modifying artificial intelligence). How Mium did that, well, that’s a spoiler for another day.

I think Miko and Naomi have something in common even if Miko would deny it vehemently… they are the only two people crazy enough to think an SMAI is their friend. One could include Peter there, but his not really anyone’s measuring stick of sanity, now is he?