I spent longer than I care to admit debating if I should use “inches”. Ultimately I decided to use it over some metric unit for three reasons; first, the closest unit that’s actually used in metric to it is centimeter, and “a few centimeters” is a lot different than “a few inches”, and the word itself is longer and less wieldy. Second, they clearly not literally speaking English being that it’s a different country in a different world and all, so I can consider that part of the translation as they are as unlikely to have metric as they are to have Imperial units if you think about it too much. Third, over half ourΒ readers are from the United States, so that’s probably going to be the most familiar terminology. I have a suspecion that I’ve used ‘meters’ over ‘feet’ previously, but I couldn’t locate if I did; Meters is clearly better than yards or feet, but I’ve never really found centimeters to work out as well as inches I guess… πŸ˜‰

… I told you I worry about their weirdest shit in writing this comic…

The first point is complete!Β I can assure you’ve seen the most normal point we will see here! Probably.

We’ve seen before that at point blank a boosting individual (or at least Naomi) can simply move their body faster than magic can be activated – it’s a similar weakness that mages have to guns at short range. If someone pulls the trigger before they can activate magic, they are just as dead – though the time magic takes is up to the mage. Additionally, she can’t activate her spell until she has an intercept course for the ball, so against the net is dangerous. Lastly, activating a spell closer to someone else is using magic is harder due to mana interference.

Of course, the advantage of magic is versatility and the fact that you don’t have to physically reach the ball – neither of which are well served by simply testing whose faster between your magic and their reflexes directly at the net (which, as noted, is giving the reflexes a direct advantage as well as an indirect one).

… well, that’s enough for my supplemental essay. If you’ve made it to the end, congratulations you get an extra credit star!*

*Extra credit stars are not valid currency.

I will add a poll where you can vote for the character to get the next vote incentive as soon as I figure out how to make a poll that is a) free, b) easy to make, and c) doesn’t collect a creepy amount of data on the voters. Seriously, after a quick Googling I found poll-maker, but as part of the results (visible to everyone) it shows each voters geographical location. That seemed… extremely unnecessary to me 😐 while it was wrong about mine (by a few states perplexingly) it still seemed creepy so I’ll find a plugin or something.

There is now a poll for which character should be the next vote incentive, ignore rant above and scroll down! πŸ˜‰