So we still have a buffer of 2, haven’t quite had a chance to push it to 3 yet, but at least we aren’t losing it. I also have the next check of Tyler’s story… soon. Which isn’t really great as I intended to have it ready on Monday, and by some freak accident it’s now Wednesday, and I can only assume I am being relentlessly hunted by time portals that eating chunks of my day when I don’t pay attention. On the bright side, it’s a good bit longer than the last section πŸ™‚

If you have a sketch request for February, get it in soon!

I’m going to be honest here, drawing the red-monster thing is really out of my league for the time I allot for it, so I’m just going to have to have to take my word for it that it’s supposed to look pretty weird πŸ˜‰

I talked about this a bit on the last comic, but this generation of Family mages don’t have a whole lot of battlefield experience, and when they do, it’s usually pretty one-sided. Camilla definitely has the most, but almost exclusively on her own. Further, what the actual ranks between them are is – i.e. who is actually in command – is pretty hard to determine. Technically it’s probably Camilla, but given that she’s not really on active duty, that would probably leave Elliana in charge, but she’s not exactly suited for that. All in all, considering how multiple Family mages on the battlefield ends up, that’s probably actually Rule 1, and it probably gets violated a lot 😐

While the Consul may have had political motivations for making Tyler a Mage-Commander, she also may have had a point, as when it comes to the whole “having their shit together” he is a few steps ahead of these mages, even most of them have more combat training than Tyler does, that combat training is more why they can work together to summon a giant Ethereal Construct, not so much in the whole not acting like a moron department.

That said, quite a few of the previous generation Family mages have quite a bit more experience when it comes to warfare.