Hi – I’m the bot that will post this while the author is away! If this doesn’t get posted, yell at me and not the author, because I’m totally not him! [Beep boop] <- See!

Anyway… Merry Christmas! Or your equivalent winter holiday! Or at least your day off work/school! … or you know, maybe none of those, in which case… still happy Friday!

I had hoped to put up at least something Christmas themed, but the drawing situation is not great and I prioritized finished Monday’s comic; so at least we’ll have a comic on Monday still and I’ll update from there if I’m going to have to take a short  break due to the wrist thing or not.

As for the comic… lots of words! Mium doesn’t talk all that much, but when he does he tends to say a lot… and Peter thought bubbles are always going to be a mess. Both of them on same page?! There was no getting around it. Since I’m going to be away for a few days, the inevitable spelling errors will remain till Sunday, but feel free to let me know what travesties tp the fair English language I’ve committed.

I suppose my last note is on Peter’s thoughts – he’s suspicious of two things regarding Ila – he knows Mir did something fishy in making her, and he doesn’t trust Mir very far (to not be insane at least); he also has realized that designateding Ila as Mium’s sister is having unpredictable and perhaps far reaching consequences that are letting Mium stray further off the ranch then he usually can – as to why he doesn’t simply undo that… we’ll see eventually!