Well, we’ll have one more comic for 2020. Something gives me the feeling violence will ensue in it. I dunno why, just a feeling.

Naomi is almost certainly a bad influence on Kally. Or a good influence, depending on your point of view. In defense of her figuring she can dump the ramifications of whatever she does on him, Naomi works for Peter, so, practically speaking, it’s already Peter’s problem by the transitive property…

It’s an odd dynamic they have sometimes, because Peter very much is not the paperwork details sort, but is very good at making buildings that randomly get exploded retroactively seem like they were always supposed to get exploded (while this is probably more often than not Mium/Query doing it, Kally tends to conflate the actions of Peter and Mium frequently). In this particular regard, Mium seems even more proactive than Query ever was, and is probably partially to blame for Naomi, though she was largely like that even before meeting Mium, Mium is just extremely good at making it essentially impossible for people he likes to ever break the law (we saw a bit of this when Naomi met the Consul)… against a being as adept at manipulating restrictions as Mium, navigating Malsan (or any) Legal Bureaucracy is probably what he considers like a screen saver.

The poll is done! It seems Naomi will retain her throne once more, but it came close. Kally came in second this time around, with Ila falling to a distant third surprisingly. Miko rounds out the top four, and the new comer, Naomi’s Little Sister, came in 5th, managing to beat out ever popular options like Fluffy and The Consul. All in all it was a pretty competitive race, with the most ever votes cast in a poll for the comic. I’m sure a few were dubiously cast, but I did audit the results a bit, and I can say that at very least the vast majority of the votes were properly cast.

Hopefully we’ll see some Santa-Hat-Festivities on coming up; I’ll go ahead and put Happy Holidays & and Merry Christmas here as they bonus drawing for it will probably be posted in a comment rather than as a comic as to not confuse feature readers or reset the comments section 🙂