Not going to always color the comic bubbles, just needed to use it for the 4th panel, and figured I’d just do it for the whole page this time.


The poll seems to be a fierce contest this year. I’ll give it a few more days, will close soon though as I need time to draw the winner. I wonder if it is a coincidence that the two people currently being followed by the comic are the top picks in the poll? I suppose they’ve both gotten pretty high every year.

The top few don’t surprise me too much… The Consul’s done pretty well this year, I think she was added to the poll late last year if I’m remembering correctly. I think I find voting patters outside of the more expected top few more interesting – the Kor’s World Soldier gets 15 votes? Only 5 characters have no votes, and while I’m not surprised by any of them, I am surprised by some of the ones that have some votes aren’t among them… Biana has more votes that Sophie? That surprises me; I wouldn’t expect either to be high, but surprised Biana has nearly double Sophie’s. Ashvalt is crushing most of the Family Heads, though is unsurprisingly losing handily to Camilla. Magnolia comes in a bit lower than I’d expect give her popularity among some theorists, but is perhaps appropriately tied with her oft-present companion Maia. In another interesting tie is Tyler and Nathan, both coming in moderately high in their hero-of-another-story roles. Ryn has come in quite high and is currently tied with Camilla, doing quite a bit better than most of his peers.

Peter himself is doing better than usual, though after him the votes jump a lot to the front runners. I am not surprised and not surprised the Naomi’s sister has managed to jump straight to front runner status.

Going to be a short ramble here… it’s fairly late and I have a few other things I need to do before the morning… my schedules gotten a little weird again. World’s a weird place.