Quarantine + No Internet… Do not recommend. Didn’t even have time to like… download new books to read. What? Books made of paper? What are those? Well… maybe I’d have had to resort that far if it went any longer. Apparently the internet connection to where I live “broke”. I did still have cell access, but I have a pay-what-you-use plan on that, so…

I’d have posted the comic from that, but I realized I didn’t actually have a way to get my phone and computer to talk easily… as I set out to sort that problem, I realized I cannot log into the backend where I post comics from my phone anyway, my log in from that is just for approving comics (security set up from back when it was hacked).

Anyway, a bunch of nonsense.

Finally a comic!

I’ve talked before about how many mages can fly in the sense of “fling themselves into the air”, it’s the steps after that most cannot do. A pretty good mage can usually do a few stacked calculations – meaning they have limited control, they just cannot go that far. I think we’ve seen Kally use fancy jumping before a little bit like this – as her inner monologue suggests (and its been awhile since we’ve had one of those hasn’t it? – she views three stacked calculations during flight as relatively safe for her.

She ends up here doing four, but one of them isn’t stacked – it just uses normal physics, which would be pretty easy for her. The last one would always be needed to stop – unless your Naomi, impacting that ground at high speed is usually considered a very bad thing, and why most mages don’t try flying.

Kally’s usually flying trick relies on how quickly she can summon her dragon – she just either summons it, or jumps up into the air and summons it on the way up. The dragon operates under somewhat different rules, and is another way some mages fly – using an ethereal constructs (less ethereal constructs are typically anchored relative to the caster, so moving the caster with them is challenging and gives most mages a headache – sometimes the fatal kind if you’re trying to use it to fly), but it has its own reasons for being a little tricky and is usually slower, excepting things like dragons.

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