…aaaannd we’re back. If you’re confused, I do recommend nipping back over to here to check out the last page before the “break” as this was not necessarily a clean a cut (this page continues directly after the other one, as we are still mid chapter).

I appreciate ya’ll for putting up with things so patiently, and hope everyone enjoyed the Minus Years subcomic. I know that it, well, hasn’t answered many questions yet, but it’s getting there – I promise eventually we will get the promised point of seeing both Peter and Kally in happier times, but you can’t have a prequel comic without starting from the beginning… ah… well, a beginning… you know what, forget it, this is a lost cause… if we try to go back to the beginning, Arron would be a young man again…… šŸ˜‰

I get the feeling that Mium’s priority of “be normal” is not so high right now. Of course, I think that cat is debagged long sense, but who in this comic is normal anyway?

As for the “high energy conflict”… this is not an particularly rare occurrence for more powerful mages fighting. Some mages have more elegant techniques that tend to have less bleed over to destroying things that are not their target (or, you know, opt to punch things), but due to the nature of trying to dismantle another mage, typically the amount of energy required does a great deal more dismantling on the surroundings first.

This would be a different story if magic worked better directly on a human (especially a mages) form, but it does not, so the common method is to convince physics to destroy them physically, as that carries over back to the Eidos form, though not as well as it should in the case of boosted mage. Due to the way explosions work though, there is limitations on how much things can be concentrated. Even if you start with the energy very concentrated, as soon as you turn it over to physics, things get out of hand pretty quickly.