I should probably clarify, Biana’s name is Biana Bayer, and Amy’s name is Amy Selah. I think we’ve seen both of their last names before, though they come up less often than Peter’s.

As for if Mium cheated on the entrance exam, I think that really depends on what the definition of cheated is, and if that can really apply to him. Peter and Kally both would have some trouble with Malsa’s terms for magical theory functionality, but they have a basis of understanding of magical theory and technology (the course they were accepted into) that wouldn’t be quite… fair competition. Kally might not use an autocaster normally, but she certainly knows how to use them. She may look like a one trick dragon, but that’s more a matter of preference… and that dragon is drastically OP.


The most important poll of the year is up below. Make sure you cast your very important vote. It’s the most important poll since last year when we had the same poll.


I did want to touch on the Patreon stuff briefly – I’ve not commented on this previously because this is more or less how I was hoping it would turn out. They reverted the fee change (for those not on Patreon, they’d decided to slap an absurd 35 cent processing fee onto pledges, which as the typical pledge is a dollar, was just ridiculous), so everything is just back to normal. I, like most creators, told them I didn’t like the change, and it seems for now at least they’ve listened. For those that dropped out, 100% understand; I dropped a the pledges I supported at $1 dollar for the few people I support till they reverted it, it just didn’t make sense. Touching that, in general never feel like your stuck as patron, or feel obligated to paying – I appreciate any support and it helps incentivizeย me to make more stuff, but I’m not going to starve or abandon the comic in a tiff becomes my numbers go down ๐Ÿ˜€