We are back to buffered comics for a bit.

Just because it’s sometimes a long time between we see these people, the name of all the characters in this scene as a refresher of who they are, using the top panel where they all appear.

  • Regin Enkari – The head of the Enkari family, and belonging to the same Family as Eliana. His family is generally thought of one of the Families that supports the Consul and current government. As the only Family to posses a tactical mage and having strong connections to the Malsa military, are considered a major force among the Families.
  • Yoav Cao – A member of the Bureau with a high rank, he was who Tyler reported to, and was in charge of the team the Consul assembled to determine the nature of Mium. Seems to be highly trusted by the Consul. Technically speaking, his position is the Bureau Chief of capital city of Malsa, but by his track record of involvement, it would seem he is tied to the Intelligence gathering operations.
  • Camilla Canthi – The young head of the Canthi family, Ashian’s older sister and Arkady’s betrothed, she is often called the Princess of the Families. Due to serving as the Consul’s bodyguard and confidant, she appears to be the member of the Families closest to the Consul, as well as a vexing symbol to the Rogue Families. One of the more powerful Family heads in a duel, her notoriously destructive powers and high resilience make her difficult to deal with. Belongs to a younger generation than most of the other Family heads, she posses an infamous backstory due to earlier incidence in her life. Despite her great power and resilience, she found herself out matched by the more advanced techniques and magical knowledge of the IDS Witch Elizabeth, and has only recently recovered from her battle. Most recently she returned from the front after witnessing the power of both Ila and Kally in fighting Atter, she has experienced a rapid widening of her understanding of the scope power mages can wield, something she once thought herself well versed in.
  • The Consul – The Consul of Malsa, she is highest political authority in the country, wielding great power over the government and Families alike. She is very popular among the population of Malsa, and political few can directly oppose her, leading her to hold great power over the actions of the country.
  • Varkim – An adviser to the Consul, he has old ties within the country. Shrewd and cautious, he primarily deals with the economics and corporate relations of Malsa, doing what he can to temper the Consul’s more bold actions.
  • Tyler Weber – A foreign mage who has risen meteorically through the ranks due to his power and complete loyalty to the Consul, he now stands elevated to the positions of the Families, though no one seems quite sure how exactly he fits into their dynamics. The favored pawn of the Consul, she seems to favor using him to cause trouble. Formerly the head of the fledgingly MSB, he has handed that title off to Peter due to his obligations to the army as a registered mage.
  • Amy Selah – Once appointed observe Tyler when he first came to Levenworth by the Bureau, she has found herself as his diligent second in command. Remaining second in command of the MSB under Peter, her loyalty lies entirely with her old boss.
  • Ashvalt Arduni– the Father of Arkday, and the head of the Arduni Family, he is feared and hated by the Rogue Families due to old grudges, and considered one of the most deadly mages among them. Shows great loyalty to the Consul, if not always deference, he is willing to push his own agenda. A paragon of Family behavior, he has a grim, ruthless, discipline and cold formality in his dealings. Arkady was always intimidated to introduce his friends to Ashvalt, but strangely Ashvalt seemed to tolerate the chaotic antics of Naomi and Mione unexpectedly well.

…while all that should be accurate, I did just type that up without referring to the outline or anything, so forgive any small inaccuracies if there are any, it’s just to serves a refresher and outline of who they are and we we’ve seen about them 🙂

If anything is correctly grammar’d thank the patrons for their many corrections. If anything managed to slip through, it’s probably because I rebroke making the fixes 😀