So we are getting back ahead as predicted. The next page will be up on patreon tomorrow!

…though I suspect page density is creeping upward. As some have noted there’s not all that much point in doing half a page if I just divide it into twice as many panels.

I will likely be moving soon, unfortunately, so there’s some hassle to deal with, though on the grand scheme of things that’s not nearly the disruption work was. Starting to get a lot of good progress on things without my old day job around… we’ll see how they go 🙂

As for the comic… it’s been mentioned before, I believe by the Warmage that the bands that some people wear typically are an indication of engagement for members of the Families – Arkady is engaged to Camilla for example. These are often somewhat arranged marriages, and combines elements of politics, the nature of the Families, etc. Naomi wouldn’t really be familiar with who Eliana would be engaged to, because she generally views these things as Family Politics, and does not really care… something likely sparked her idly curiosity. She would know who Arkady is engaged to though, as she knows Arkady’s family fairly well… Arkady actually finds it very weird that Ashvalt doesn’t seem to dislike Naomi, considering Ashvalt’s rather strict and serious attitude.