We still sort of have a buffer, as this is technically just the first half of the page, and the whole page went up on patreon… we’ll get that second half here next moday. I would like to put out the whole pages, but we are still floating around that 1 week buffer mark and that needs to go up.

Been getting a lot of good stuff done since I parted ways with the day job, but I think it’s sort of the classic problem with a tyrnical power being banished… after its rule of my schedule collapsed my schedule has become chaos as I work on ten different things across a week. Need to pick a few things to get more work on those done.

Finding a place to move was a little challenging what with the world still doing its best to implode out there, but a place has been found and I’ll be moving later this month. Currently not anticipating any impact to schedule, though it may mean the buffer will struggle to grow until things are set up there… though maybe if internet isn’t set up I’ll actually get more drawing work done πŸ˜€

We are nearing the end of the Chapter 15… it’s ended up a long one I suppose, as it’s got a bit more to go. Though I don’t really know that the Chapters mean too much besides archive organization at this point πŸ™‚