A peterpromise is a unique term not really related to “promise”, in that it does not intend to contain a promise, and if it does seem to, it always worth double checking to see if it actually contains the promise you were looking for…

They do have hologram technology that is not all blue. In general, the blue-holograms are not really a cusomer thing, most people just use like screens and telephones like more normal, but the blue ones tend to be (in theory at least) part of high security networks. How does it being blue make it more encrypted? One of the great mysteries of the world.

Buffer is progressing nicely, 9/3’s page will go up on Patreon today so we are a little over a week ahead on the buffer now. These half pages are going to balloon chapter length… this chapter might become the longest one yet.

Wiki is still getting spambot accounts, but not heavy enough to lock it back down for now. I really don’t get how few pennies-per-spam these people could be paid that this is ever worth their time.