Yikes, have a buffer and still managed to be late. Ended up moving before internet was working, because apparently packages don’t arrive when they say they will anymore (modem had to be shipped to the new house; the plan was to move the computers the day it was to arrive, but it ended up getting delayed two days as UPS said they were impacted by the world being busy imploding and higher than usual shipping and what not).

Anyway… mostly moved now, and have internet, so business will be back to usual soon. Still not fully moved and some kinks in the general process to work out, but I just set up my drawing tablet again and it’s working, so I think we’ll be fine for next week, but I’m behind on a lot of things as I thought I’d be mostly done moving and setting up by Sunday night and here we are mid way through the week and there’s still problems. Been a lot of hurdles in this particular move from unexpected thunderstorms to utility companies playing power roulette each day to see if they want to give us electricity, to the general hassle of moving (up to and including uhaul deciding to give away our reserved truck because apparently someone with a similar name showed up? Yeah, not sure I understand the particularly fiasco… I think they just fucked up and came up with a dumb excuse).

…well, I’d talk more about the comic but have to go and am already super late in posting this, so I’ll do that another time. Working on next pages so they’ll be up on patreon as soon as I get a chance to draw them and what not.