Welp, not the best start to the week timing wise but hey could be worse.

I debated how hard to make Miko’s text to read. This is something I’ve toyed with a few times. In this case – as the text indicates – Miko is just talking way too fast. As Mium noted, running Ila (and likely consequently VIMium) on his system drastically slowed it down. We’ll get more into why that is at some point – it’s not necessarily a lack of processing power, more of a… buffering issue.

VIMium’s problem is that it cannot run on a ‘normal’ environment. It was keeping the AA System active to continue existing, but keeping the AA System active was causing major problems in the entire MYM, as operating the AA System… hmmm… is under severe restrictions. But, just for the sake of example, VIMium could have kept running on the F10 without the AA System engaged, he just chose to give that prototype back to Ila, and Ila can’t run on MYM’s system without the AA System active, so he’d have had to delete one of them to shut back down the AA System and resume normal operation.

How exactly Miko bypassed this is probably becoming clear, but VIMium would still be unable to exist on just the Lab 5 hardware – Miko’s body is still linked to the system – it wasn’t a transfer, and more as our cyan-shaded-…secretary… says, a sync. MYM can control bodies and computers at the same time, but MYM is sort of in a different league in terms of multitasking.

I don’t know if i will have time to fix spelling errors until tomorrow evening, so… apologies in advance 🙂

When we next meet I should have some updates on the future…

Next comic is probably Friday.