Kally is protesting that seems like entrapment to ask her to summon her dragon in the labs after telling her not to destroy them.

What’s going on in Panel 7 is probably not super clear. Honestly I just don’t have a good way to draw it after a few tries. Ila has fired off a high speed projectile and is repeatedly rapidly changing it’s direction mid flight to zig-zag it about through the targets. That’s what she needed to borrow Mium’s calculation power for, as while she can easily launch a projectile at high speed, she wouldn’t be able to “catch” it to change the direction, nor would she be able to calculate that far away from her with that much accuracy (she probably couldn’t calculate that far away from herself at all – she did when when grounding the airship, but that’s while she was still integrated to the lab computers).

Mium has avoided targeting the enemies heads… but, uh, humans don’t necessarily stay in all the pieces when colliding with high speed projectiles. Part of why I didn’t opt to draw that panel too close up. Ila isn’t super concerned about the intactness of would-be Arkady-nappers.  I could probably have spent like a whole page drawing that panel in a more clear manner, but it didn’t seem worth it.

She actually probably could take down that many targets on her own by using Rupture (the right lightning that makes things blow up) but that really would level most of the building and kill a bunch of uninvolved people. This is Ila on low collateral high restraint low collateral damage mode (by her estimation).

Arkady implying that Avi and Artem shouldn’t look at the carnage, but they are both definitely ignoring him. Lisa and Arkady’s reaction to Ila complete disregard for life (or in this case limb) is… probably more normal than people like Naomi, Peter, or Mium, as they are… quite a bit more inured to violence. Even someone like Naomi. Arkady is a family mage, but rarely is running around exploding people or chopping them in two, and while we’ll see more about Lisa, she’s not a soldier.