Hey Folks-

Sorry this one ran so late. Part of the problem is that this cycle doesn’t work great. The reason I went to half pages originally was that is that drawing a full page doesn’t take twice as long as drawing 2 half pages… yet I’ve been on the cycle of drawing two half pages for like a year now. The rest of the problem is a combination of time, and that I just don’t draw much right now. I used to draw a fair bit outside of comic related things, but for the last months (… or like year) I’ve been mostly only drawing the comic, which means it’s hard to find a block of time to attach working on it to (since I have to get the tablet, get drawing, etc).

I do think things will continue for the time being, and I will try to get back to drawing to full pages. I’ll continue to say that I am pretty confident I will finish the story as I planned, but will consider various options. It’s partially that I’m struggling to keep to schedule, and also partially that I’d like to tell other stories as well, but that’s clearly not that viable if I’m struggling a bit to keep to the schedule of this one. I sometimes worry that I cut too much from the comic for it to be fully coherent in the interest of keeping things moving at least somewhat forward, and that’s not to mention that there’s quite a few other side stories (…and full other stories) I wouldn’t mind writing as well. I’m not going to change anything for now, just things I’m giving thoughts. My current thought is that I will keep going with the comic, but likely any sequel or side stories after that will be less art intensive things, unless I start drawing a lot more again. I think I’d still want to do some art, but I often feel like a lot of the art I do end up drawing is just people talking. Not sure. This is an announcement of anything, just rambling (pretty much the exact thoughts I’ve shared before).

Anyway… comic!

See you (probably) next week,


As for said comic…

Ila is usually connect to MYM’s system to some extent (that’s how she can hear him), but tends to differentiate the status of her connection between being able to talk to him, and something like this where he can modify what she sees, or borrowing computing power from him. That’s not something we’ve actually seen her do before. This is definitely than when MYM took over Ila’s body entirely, but there’s clearly been a change in how Mium can interface with Miko and Ila to some extent recently – we saw the something similar with Miko. We are seeing Mium run some degree of increased interface with Miko and Ila without the AA system seeming to be active (which was what would kick in a bunch of his restrictions). There’s obviously more to explore there in the story front so I don’t want to get into spoilers, but MYM would still not be able to fully run the F10 (and definitely not Miko) without activating the AA system, but seems to be able to still use something akin to the virtual interface he created.

It’s something we’ll learn more about later, but is likely a side effect of creating Vium. Of course, that’s only half the change – the other half is the Ila seems far more comfortable with relying on MYM’s computer systems after the incident, as she’s not as worried about him eating her brain (given that he already took control of the F10 and gave it back). She better understands the difference between her and MYM after getting a better idea of what he really is (as opposed to primarily thinking of him as his prototype).

Anyway, we’ll get more info later.