The thing the expect the least… an on time comic.

Naomi is realizing she miscalculated slightly leaving Ila to deal with people as she hadn’t quite grasped that Ila doesn’t not have the same limitations as Mium and is nearly completely ambivalent on the continued functionality of humans she doesn’t care about, but she is also not that concerned about these people. She’s both way more willing to escalate levels of violence when Arkady, Lisa, and particularly Artem and Avi are potentially in danger, and has more or less complete faith that if Mium says people are bad, they are probably bad, particularly as she assumes (probably correctly) these are (roughly) the same people that kidnapped Artem previously, and while she would have been content to just lightly beat them to a pulp, she herself was considering dismembering them at the neck just the other day herself.

She will probably lecture Ila later on if “mass dismemberment” is the appropriate first step of conflict resolution, but now doesn’t seem to be the time.

Lisa isn’t a normal student, but is quickly realizing that a bunch of people were at very least badly wounded, and Ila definitely shot first, and that’s not going to be a good look in a legal sense. Being that she’s not from the Families or Peter’s group, she’s probably the only there that her first though (well, second thought… the first one was more a bit more horrified) was that this is probably going to be a major legal problem. Even for people associated to the Bureau or Military in Malsa, dismembering a group of people because you thought they were up to no good is a tough sell for self defense, and she is still trying (and somewhat failing) to process is what is going on, so skipped the part of “who is this kid and why can she do that” to the parts she is better able to comprehend.

Artem is somewhat correctly deducing that Arkady expects him to be freaked out that Ila is mass dismembering people, and Artem is probably more a bit more freaked out than he is trying to show, but he also has a pretty strong reason to dislike people in suits trying to kidnap him, and is not exactly a normal kid being from the Families. It’s a bit of running theme that Arkady has a bit of an access of sanity, and expects people to be more freaked out by the terrible things that keep happening.

Artem knows that as a member of the Families, it’s way more likely that he’d would get away with whatever has happened, and thinks that if Ila did it to help him (from his point of view, though not entirely wrong), than his family name should shield what she did. Of course, very likely unnecessary, but from his point of view he’d expect there to be trouble his father would need to sort out.

It’s not particularly clear from blocking of the shots, but Avi is largely behind Arkady and cannot see exactly what is going on, but likely has the view on justice that runs roughly that if her beloved sister is beating people up, they were bad people that deserved whatever they got, and as she couldn’t actually see what was going on, isn’t quite understanding the gravity of things.