I’m going to assume this page was a little predictable – but I suppose I have to be predictable sometimes to be unpredictable other times. This scene has seemed very reminiscent of Jayce Myer’s first appearance; combined I think they’d be onto something – Myer had a spell that grossly accelerated his reflexes, but didn’t make him particularly stronger – Otte has one that makes him vastly tougher, but he can’t keep up with Naomi at all. Maybe if they pool their resources, but it seems that Otte will have to find a new toy wristband before then.

I think we can see more of what I was referring to the page bacgkrounds. Some of them are slightly higher detail. Some of them are… yeah. Well, we’ll get a balance than slowly improve. Or something like that. That thing that passes for improvement around here.

Wtf is happening to her piece of re-bar through-out the page? That’s pretty weird.

Will Otte’s cavalry arrive in time? Will Naomi get her airship? Will we ever get to see what that weird yellow magic thingee Otte keeps trying to use on Naomi does?!

All these questions and more will be answered someday*


There were a few more website updates. If you have requests for things that need to be spruced up, now is the time.