I suspect most of us presumably human readers feel some empathy for Ila’s stance. Tasty things are awesome.

This is only the second scene we’ve had of Ila since Mium wiped most of Mir’s system that Ila was presumable linked to… I can’t imagine that event had any effect on her behavior. …

We’ve never seen Mium unlinked from his computer system (ie: just running on the prototype). Though that I bring that up could totally be a red herring, couldn’t it? 😐

I suspect most of you can guess whose talking in the last panel, but I realize the spikey bubble make it almost sort of look like a tail of the bubble is going toward Mium… eh. I’m not very smart about these bubbling things. It’s not Mium talking… 😉

Will put a new vote incentive tomorrow (monday); if you get an idea in before I start drawing it might be your idea!

On another note; I’m looking for ideas on things to add or update on the Patreon front – if there is anything you’d like to suggest (either as a Patreon, something that would make want to be a Patreon, or because you like to share your opinions in general!) feel free to let me know. It’s a cool idea but I admit I’m not always always sure what to do with it.