Alright, confession, I did block the hands in the last panel with the speech bubble intentionally. The damn shame about it is that originally I drew them, and they were drawn pretty well… unfortunately apparently somewhere along the line I’d switched which arm Peter was being pulled up by (thus hand was backwards…) the result was, once seen, un-unseeable. Unfortunately art edits are not really viable with the current setup (at least not for relatively minor things).

Anyway, I again I’ll do what I imagine I’ll be doing a lot of the next two weeks and apologize for it being late with shoddy art. I probably should have drawn these comics before I left, but I figured I’d actually have more time while vacation than normally… unfortunately while they may be true, I’ve yet to master drawing on the Surface tablet. It’s basically like attempting to work on a cellphone: Theoretically possible, but inconvenient as all hell, yet other people seem to do it. Maybe I’ll learn something.

If Naomi is keeping score, that’s twice she’s been used as a human shield today…

In un(directly)related news the comic, I’ve signed up to start a new job in late January (the kind where I go to an office and wear a tie). I don’t anticipate this will have any impact on the comic update schedule; it certainly won’t go on hiatus, but it’s conceivable it would at least temporary move to 1-2 times a week. If time is a problem I’ll hire help to keep it going, never fear dear readers 😉