Well, first of all sorry it’s late. There were a few complications now that I’m on vacation/travelling, notable that it turns out to be harder to make comics on a Surface than an old Cintiq plugged into a real computer. Who woulda guessed?

Anyway… there will probably be a little more rough edges for next few weeks until I get back home. My assumption is that it’d be better to have a little rough around the edges instead of missing updates, so going with that.

Not going to lie though, the special effects budget will take a bit of a hit since I don’t have photoshop to fall back on anymore (till I get back anyway). Usually I do some post-drawing effects in it. Hopefully I can at least make things relatively clear what’s going on.

We’ve know caught another glimpse of a thing in the sky. I think Peter is selling the throwing rocks idea short. I bet she could lob a rock pretty good… Ila seemed to make due with rocks, though it didn’t quite work out for her.

Also, I’m fairly certain they had Malsa’s attention a good awhile before deciding to start blowing things up. I can’t really think that shutting down a large swath of the communications and transit systems went entirely unnoticed…

I pretty much just used an upside down superstructure of a ship for general reference for that piece of it, and tacked on some more sci-fi. It’s all very scientific… 😉

We hit rank #79 in TWC, which is just ridiculous. Ridiculously amazing. I can’t promise too much right now, but I will definitely write up an I.O.U for all the votes with some extra incentives or an extra update or something once I’m back or more used to drawing on the Surface.