What’s this? A comic that’s more or less on time*? Astounding! “It’s only time because you had an extra day between Friday’s update and Monday’s update” you say? – shush you.

*I mean, on time for update schedule; it wasn’t up early for backers… we’ll get back to that next month! Sorry 🙁

Anyway… while it’s been in-fashion recently for me to complain about my drawing equipment, lets be honest here, I can’t draw cars at the best of times 😛

One of the challenging things about making this story a comic… I suppose it’s because I’m not really familiar with writing, but to me the story exists as a continuous string of events – unfortunately there is really no way to show every scene – not only would the comic move very slowly, a lot of things that happen are simply pretty boring 😛

So I try to play the highlight reel while making it make as much sense as possible. But it leads to so many questions in my mind – where did Peter get the car, considering he appeared to commute to school on a subway? Is he driving car with a computer mouse? Why is he driving on the wrong side of the road?? Why do half the cars look somewhat normal and the other half the cars look semi-futuristic?! There is whole encyclopedias of information being skipped here.

My solution is to try to backfill as many of these questions (well, at least the ones that moderately interesting) during more interesting applications of the answers eventually, but it does require some patience 😛

Perhaps Wednesday we’ll at least figure out where our Missing Mium is? Who knows!