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Sophie, well, I don’t really think anyone thought she was quite normal by now. In some sense, she is like Arron in that she was too important to get rid of, but too dangerous to keep close. Of course, in other ways, very much not like Arron. Sophie is in many ways seen as hazardous even by the people in Central, but having someone seen as vaguely hazardous is, in part, a qualification to run Situation Containment. While in this case it has largely backfired, it all really comes down to the nature of the crisis. If a world is attacked by Kor’s World, you would probably want Sophie there, but if the problems are under a certain threshold, you probably don’t. That threshold probably lowers the further from the people that make the decisions in central gets though.

In many ways, they view Kally the same way, and it’s up for some debate if they’d be entirely wrong. One might even think having dubiously adjusted people wielding enormous personal power has drawbacks. In both cases, Kally and Sophie are nominally loyal to the IDS, but that only really makes sense as a concept when the IDS has an existential external threat, as otherwise the IDS otherwise completely contradictory actions can both be done “in service to the IDS” leading things like this.

The redish brown haired monster hunter is someone we have seen before. He’s the one that stopped the null caster from trying to arrest Kally before. His name is Kurun.