There are handful of things I want to say about this page, but most of them I probably shouldn’t.

Obviously this is running pretty late, and even so, was very rushed, which I suspect shows. There is a few reasons for that. I won’t have any time to work on it tomorrow, so pushing it a day wouldn’t work, and my work made my to work things. Technically they cannot force me to go social events, but as it was the last day the India people were here I was guilt tripped into it. This left me with not a lot of time to finish this page; particularly as I had made a dubious decision to resketch it half way through. Originally I had paneled in the normal half page layout, but I realized I wouldn’t be happy with that for this page, so I repaneled it, which delayed it a bit. The actual page was the same, but I wanted to tweak the presentation a bit.

Panel 6 is somewhat… stylized. There is a reason for that, and not just because I was in a hurry when drawing it. I think there is a… likely obvious reason, and a less obvious reason, but both will probably be known soon. I feel I shouldn’t say more than that though.

Anyway, it is late and I have to be up early, so I will leave this here.