71 comments people? I’m not sure if I should be impressed or feel bad that I clearly kept you waiting too long for a new comic.

I really suspect that probably neither Kally or Sophie should have as much power as they do, at least for the peace of mind of the rest of the world. Kally is probably more of aware of that. It’s hard to say if a person can be normal while having enough power to wreck a city block, because pretty much none of the people that do have lived a normal enough life to serve as the control group.

We met David before. He was one that got blamed (due to being at fault) for the monster hunters getting in a fight with Kally and Naomi. David is not technically a monster hunter himself, though he has served with them before. Technically monster hunters are just a group of the agent branch of Situation Containment that deal with the bigger badder incidents, but they are by far the most visible/notable branch of Situation Containment, and most people that would wear that armor have served with them before, but they also provide limited duty as bodyguards, extraction operations, and various other sorts of things, as they are typically the hammer of the IDS for what the IDS might need to apply a hammer to. The rest of the people with him look Orish – we have seen those Orish operatives that look a lot like those before, though I would suspect they are somehow free agents, mercenaries, or otherwise somehow one implausible deniability removed.

Anyway, I better post this now before it gets even later.