Verbal Ellipses (or the art of letting the other person fill in the blanks) is usually not magical, though can be equally effective on the unwary. Arron is one of the more wary though, particularly while dealing with Peter.

This is where my policy of putting languages only in \<brackets\> when there is multiple languages is more problematic, as it should probably be obvious they are back to speaking in central, but I think it would have been more obvious if it was in brackets, but I decided being consistent made more sense, as if I put this in brackets it would make other times when people were speaking central not in brackets make less sense. Probably should have just put all cases of central in brackets.

So, I have an idea. It has been a long time sense I have done a Question and Answers. There are more people than there used to be, so maybe there will be new people that have questions (or old people that have new questions). If you have a question you want answered, send email to and I will include it in the next Q&A. Thursday is my birthday, and I’m not taking the day off work, so the afternoon that day is a write off, and I’ll be busy Friday too for related reasons… so for the next comic I might do Q&A instead. That seem fair? Obviously I won’t answer spoilers. Maybe I will use that time to get ahead and make a buffer again, but that’s a bit optimistic. Questions about the world(s), magic system, background characters, not-background characters, general stuff are all fine, though I will answer somewhat selective in some cases.

We are almost done this chapter, so it will be Q&A -> Last few pages -> Intermission (note that Intermission != break, it just means comics that don’t fit the usual flow, but usually do anyway, because I am not very good at intermissions) -> Chapter 15.

I’d originally hoped to use the Wiki to do a running Q&A where people could just leave questions, but then the wiki-spam-ocolypse meant that I shut down guest editing, so that didn’t work out great. If anyone does want a wiki account, I will try to figure out how to make you one. Or unlock it for awhile or whatever. And if you want an avatar for the your comments and don’t have one, just let me know and I will give you or draw you one. You can also email that to me, or comment, or put on the contact page, or whatever.