I truth I feel bad about switching scenes there. Interestingly enough originally I’d intended to follow Mium from when he left the classroom to here rather than show Peter and Tyler arriving and… ah… negotiating. Anyway… we’ll see more of them and Kally soon enough, I promise! I suspect at this rate Kally will get her own since she’s fallen so far behind on plot threads.

I also feel bad that this page is one panel. For a bit I contemplated putting up two pages today, but unfortunately my schedule this week is quite unfriendly to comic-drawing, so I better leave the buffer intact… maybe if I have some extra time this weekend we’ll get a bonus page 🙂

Why is Mium here? Why is Ila here? Why can’t everyone just get along? Whose words are in pink bubbles? Can I make the dialogue overlays anymore confusing if I try?! Is Dys+n really spelled with a plus sign? How the how do you even pronounce that? Some of these questions will be answered! Maybe.

As for the vote incentive… it was part of a doodle I did for someone discussing artistic license special effects – ie; it’s unlikely the Naomi’s hair and Mium’s scarf actually get longer during action scenes, but I tend to draw them longer anyway. Mium’s scarf is pretty ridiculous next page that way – I bet I could canon the hair thing, but the scarf would be harder to explain… Good thing the scarf will – uhhh – nevermind. Spoilers.