So, just to clear up the business, the event mentioned previously is that I got reviewed by ‘Bad Webcomics Wiki’. As the name may suggest, their life goals do not involve flattery. Or being particularly kind. You can read it here if you want. It’s less that it’s wrong and more that it’s sort of being a dick. You can read my thoughts to it (and being reviewed in general) here:

On criticism.

I won’t filter out the comments there much, so if you feel the need to discuss it, head over there.

Onto the comic and onward with our lives!

Yes, Tyler totally just used magic to dry his clothes off.

Tyler claims that lawmen’s duty is to stop the guys filling body bags. If people need all their limbs is something it’s a little fuzzier on (to very loosely paraphrase a preacher from Firefly). Tyler’s attack on Otte was very likely bordering on lethal force, as he couldn’t really know Otte was boosted enough to survive that, but it was more of an impulsive accident. It can be tough being a powerful mage. If that inspires confidence or not, well, that’s up to greater judgement of the reader 😉

I have a few things I’m looking to clean up with the site, and a little project I’m hoping to work on. I don’t know when I’ll get around to most of it, but I’ll keep ya’ll posted.

As always, appreciate you reading and hope you enjoy 😉

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