I think Security and Acquisitions Contractor is a title sort of like “Information Security Specialist” or whatever it was that Peter and Miko call themselves… 😐

I reckon Jayce is pretty fairly desperate if he’s willing to work with a lawman sort of fellow, but I don’t think he fancies his chances of heading deeper into this on his own after having some trouble in a straight fight with a minion. Considering the options I reckon Tyler looks like a downright reasonable demon to be making a deal with. At the end of the day, Jayce is nothing if not pragmatic.

Tyler has, unknown to Jayce, seen Jayce before. Jayce was napping at the time.

As was established way back Tyler’s been on TV and stuff; he’s relatively well known in Malsa, especially to those that would have a vested interest in it. Sort of has a suspicious amount of PR actually, but it’ll be awhile till we get more into Malsan politics. What, you didn’t think we were going to get into Malsan politics? πŸ˜›

Been posting some guest arts for fellow webcomic artists over Patreon; they’re all under the free tab, of course, and I’ll be linked to them in the final destinations if they are put up by their hosts (who, of course, they were sent to when they were made πŸ˜‰ ). FifeΒ (from Vatican Assassins), MikeΒ (from Re:Set), MercyΒ (from Autumn Bay).

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