Peter sounds a little out of sorts… 😐 You know what it’s like when you see that your cell phone has no reception… that’s what it is, right?…

Just a heads up that I’m starting travelling Monday (for quite awhile). I have tablet that I will take with me and intend to keep updating on the go, but there is the possibility of disruptions to the schedule, I’ll try to keep you posted. There is also a possibility that art quality will be a little shaky for a bit as I haven’t had much chance to work with that tablet since I got it, and it’s a Surface rather than the old (very old…) cintiq I normally use. Notable wednesday’s update will probably be on Wednesday, rather than the afternoon/night before like usual, and replies (and approvals of new users comments) to comments and so forth will come a little slower than usual.

I really don’t want to interrupt the updates here, it’d be justifiable to think that I’ve forgotten some early plot lines, but I assure you we are reaching the whirlpool where all this spins together(ish) soon(ish).

The comic hit #92 on TWC – that’s pretty awesome. Appreciate all the votes – always cool to get it in front of new potential readers. Really appreciate all the people that have stuck around and enjoyed the content. We got a long ways to go.