**Update – Wednesdays page will be a little late. Sorry 🙁 ** – Currently planning on Wednesday or Thursday morning.

Well. That looks bad. Hope there wasn’t anything important over there.

This page is a little all over the place in art, and that’s because I sort of ran out of time. Some places I spent too long which means other places I didn’t spend long enough.

The Far Side of Utopia is pretty close to the Top 100 over on TWC – if you haven’t taken a chance to vote recently, it’d be a good time! 😉 Will try to put a new vote incentive up soon for more part 😛

The Levenworth uniform was modified slightly to make the jacket more suitjacket like. I dunno why I felt compelled to do that, but I’ll trot out my usual excuse that around here inconsistent character design is branded as art improvement 😛