Thought I’d have this comic early? Buffered? Haha… Wait? What’s that? You didn’t? You know I’d be late because I always am? Oh… I’m sad now… 🙁


Sorry about that. Same ol’ same old. Thought I’d get ahead, but work reared it’s ugly head. They pulled a dirty trick this time and flew a bunch of people from offshore to meet me, and while it’s sort of dumb I’d feel bad about blowing off people that flew half way around the world, which means I’ve spent a bunch of time out of my schedule on this. It’s complicated, but mostly stupid. It’s always one thing if it’s not the next. They go home at the end of next week… so maybe… then? Nah, it’ll be something new. I’m not that behind on work and stuff, just didn’t have the time get further ahead like I hoped. I expect we’ll do the Tuesday/Friday thing again next week.

We are getting near the end of this chapter, though still a few scenes left though 🙂